More Time for 80s Vinyl

Invisible man

Have you ever listened to a true crime podcast and by the end of it you are sure you know who "did it"?  Then another podcast reports on the same incident and you are no longer so sure.

With technology in our pockets, on our desks and even in our prams, we are constantly bombarded with information.  The social media algorithms force feed us with content that they know will "rev us up" so we engage.
It is very easy to form an opinion on everything from the best new Netflix series to the war in Ukraine.  Then get loud about it.
One of the delights of being in my 50s is blending.  When in public no one really notices me.  I can move around the world only engaging with those I choose to.  It is like I have the superhero power to become invisible.  Like all mild mannered heroes it took a while to settle into my new powers, but now I am thinking of developing them further.
Having strong opinions and sharing them in a world gone mad is fucking exhausting.  So instead of thinking in black and white, I am leaning towards grey.  I will still have an opinion about Trump running again and Putin threatening to put his finger on a nuclear charged button, but I am less likely to share those opinions and even less likely to debate them.  I am tapping into my new superhero powers and making my opinions invisible.
Living in the grey is allowing more time and energy for good stuff - walking the dogs and listening to daggy vinyl records from the 80s, appreciating stuff as it is.  I think this grey thinking is allowing me to see the world with a bit more colour.