Lifelong Mates

Getting older provides many challenges.  In the morning it is getting harder to recognise the old man in the mirror.  One of the better things that comes with ageing is time.  Many of us have more spare time, and we put more value spending our time appreciating things that bring pleasure.  This weekend I spent it with a group of old fellas playing golf.  This is the 25th year of this tradition, and this year it is bigger and better than ever.
The first 20 years I was busy working to provide for my family, but the last 5 years this weekend of sledging, bullshit, and comparing aches and pains is a priority on my calendar.
This motley group were bought together decades ago playing roller hockey.  Roller hockey is a very physical sport where you strap wheels to your feet, grab a stick and lock yourself in a cage with testosterone overloaded, egotistical mates.
As I sat back at the presentation dinner I looked around the room and appreciated the moment.  Then I thought of my kids, and more broadly kids of today.  Team sport played a huge role in my life as a young fella.  I now understand how important it was.  I exerted energy, formed lifelong friendships, understood effort was rewarded with results, respected coaches and committed to a team.  Today online combat and watching strangers do dumb shit on a screen has (largely) replaced team sport. 
This gathering may change over the next decade.  Golf may be replaced with lawn bowls and late-night scotch may become evening tea.  But I am sure, even as old age messes with my memory, I will remember two things, the stench of a hockey locker room, and Brett Philpot tearing towards the goals in 1989, the excitement of hitting the ball at his mate guarding the goal blurred his understanding of ability and ambition.  Philpot’s face plant would score a 10 even today.
Wacfuk Golf proudly sponsored the 25th Roller Hockey Golf Masters