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Rogue Nation

SPECIAL Gift Him Instant Style in a Bundle

SPECIAL Gift Him Instant Style in a Bundle

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Gift your man confidence with a complete style. Tungsten ring, Redemption watch, Aviator sunglasses and a minimalist leather wallet. Rogue Nation is fast becoming the go to brand for Aussie men to wear their confidence & nothing is sexier than confidence.

(Pictured) Signature Rogue Tungsten Ring. Black matte ring, 10x stronger than gold or silver & 100x better looking. A subtle design that demands to be noticed with no bling. Tungsten is made for Aussie men, tough, good looking & resilient. Click for more designs. Click to browse the full range of designer rings

(Pictured) The Redemption Watch has a matte black finish, with an industrial feel. Minimalist in its design, easy to read & reliable. A very masculine, classic timepiece. Click for more

(Pictured) Aviator Sunglasses, based on the design that Top Gun made sexy. Light weight, polarised & timeless. Click for a closer look

The Midget Wallet is as functional as it is stylish. Finish the look with a compact wallet that stores cards in a safe, aluminium slide case, finished in quality leather. Click to view three colours

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