Fashion vs Style

Fashion vs Style

Sunflower Sunglasses - Fashion?

Fashion in 2022, according to Gucci, is sunglasses that resemble sunflowers.  With a price tag over AUD$600 I am not feeling it.  Now you may think I selected the most extreme example of fashion to make a point, but while researching for this article I was spoilt with choice.  From crotchet suits to plastic see through shirts and every second male was wearing nail polish.

Fashion is a trend designed to capture the masses.  To us, fashion has little relevance or resilience, you cannot rely on fashion – it comes and goes.  Fashion is often uncomfortable and impractical to wear.  In many ways a person following trends becomes invisible, it is the clothes and accessories that are seen, not the personality of the individual.  STYLE is how you wear your personality.  Nothing is more attractive than confidence.  Wearing clothes and accessories that make you feel comfortable and confident will give you a presence that cannot be ignored.

Simple classic accessories and clothes that make a subtle statement on a man with a confident smile.  That will never go out of “fashion”.

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