Collection: Tungsten Rings

Reliable & Good Looking Rings

A Rogue Nation ring has a subtle style that demands to be noticed.  Not just good looking, our tungsten carbide (85.7%) rings are crafted from the most robust metal in the world. Make a statement as a mens dress ring, wedding band or everyday style. What starts as a fine grey powder is pressed into a virtually unbreakable ring.  Perfect for active Aussie men that turn their hands to anything.  If overloaded, a tungsten ring will snap rather than bend, so as not to crush your finger.
The most scratch resistant mens' ring on the planet, guaranteed to shine for a lifetime. 10x stronger than gold & silver tungsten carbide will not bend or tarnish like softer metals. A Rogue Nation Tungsten ring blends the sleek, modern appearance & remarkable durability of tungsten carbide with classic designs to create statement rings you can wear every day.