New Year's Resolution 2023

Some 4000 years ago the The ancient Babylonians came up with the New Year's Resolution idea.  Is the new year's resolution still relevant?

In a world where we are rarely present, the celebration of New Years interrupts our normal, offering a chance to reflect on the previous 365 days and consider the next.  A new year's resolution is simply asking the question where do I want to be in 12 months?  How am I going to get there?  and then committing to actions and habits that will get you where you want to go.

How do we progress if we don't set goals? The 4000 year old new year's resolutions is as relevant as ever, it just gets a bad wrap due to the fear of failure.

Like any goal, dream, wish or ambition the new year's resolution will only come to be if it is followed by a plan and action.

Risk assessment on your resolution:

PASSION Choose something that YOU want.  Not something you should do, or someone else wants you to do.  Find something that not just floats your boat but would rock it if you were successful.  Focus on the "thing" not the doing at this stage.  If it is weight loss you want - visualise the "feeling".  Imagine taking your shirt off at the beach and feeling good about yourself. 

SPECIFIC Setting the challenge to "loose weight" is too broad. Be more specific.  "Loose 20kg by 31/12/2023.  5kg by March end, 5kg June end"and so on.

MEASURABLE keep a daily/weekly/monthly accountability chart - beside your bed, at your desk etc.  Tick it off.  If you have a bad week DO NOT USE THIS AS AN EXCUSE go again.

ATTAINABLE it is not likely you can date Sophia Vergara by December 31, 2023.  Be ambitious and realistic.  Don't go light on yourself here though - believe if you do the work you can aim high.  If you aim high and only get halfway - that is not a fail.

ACTION Now break it down.  PLAN! Spend time working towards your goal EVERYDAY, non negotiable.  Schedule a specific time of each day.  Schedule it! Put it in your diary (if you use one) or set an alarm on your phone.  Don't rely on willpower or "inner strength".   Repetition, consistency and planning will form habits that will help silence the negative voices in your head, the doubt in your thoughts, the overwhelm and the negative comments from those around you. Get you through the days you are not feeling it.

You want it, go get it.  Imagine your 2024 if you smash 2023!

Happy New Year

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