It is Just a Wallet



Are you one that does not like change?  Well the good news is you can't change.  Not really.  You can change your attitude to exercise and become a gym junkie.  You may stop drinking.  You may take up drinking.  You may be a tradie that has always been on the job, now you excel in a desk job!  Ok that one sounds ridiculous, but it actually happened to me!  I hung up the troll after 39 years for a buttoned up shirt and a computer.  Did I change?  Not really.  I just changed how I earn a living and I don't swear as much as I did laying bricks.

Rogue Nation just released a new wallet - the buzz word is minimalistic.  The fact is it just makes sense.  We live in what is fast becoming a cashless and paperless world.  We don't need the big wallets anymore.  I know you have had the same design wallet since your 18th birthday.  Except for the 90s when you had a surf wallet, remember with the velcro?  I agree.  I don't like change.  I had been carrying the same style of wallet for years - why "change"?
My wife is our product developer, she sources products and I test them.  When she gave me the "minimalist" wallet - I was more sceptical than usual.  She never got the sample back.  It is brilliant.  So now I carry a minimalist wallet, but I have not changed.
Progress is everywhere - it would be a full time job to avoid it.  Do you really want to be that cranky old man, negative on everything new.  You remember Mr Grump up the road that spat something about young people & no respect when you went past him on your skateboard in the 80s.  You are more than likely reading this on a smart phone - never thought you would give in to that little device did you?  Rogue Nation is all about relaxing on black & white opinions, spending a bit of time in grey thinking, so you have more time to see the world in colour.
PS take a look at the minimalist wallet - aptly called the Midget #shamelessplug