Who is Joe Rogan and What is a Podcast?

Who is Joe Rogan and What is a Podcast?

Joe Rogan is an American UFC commentator, comedian, actor and former TV presenter – but his international stardom came from his podcast which he started on Christmas eve in 2009 – the Joe Rogan Experience.

What is a podcast? A podcast is kinda like talk back radio except the hosts can focus on a particular topic and the content can be listened to at any time through a smartphone, tablet or computer. There are podcasts for EVERYTHING, sport, crime, gossip, news, pop culture, business. Hosts can be experts on particular topics or everyday people wanting to talk about their interests, beliefs or opinions.

Anybody with a microphone, recording equipment and internet access can produce a podcast and release it to the world. However, podcasts are getting more professional.

The Joe Rogan Experience is a long form conversation with all sorts of famous and non-famous guests. Sometimes there is a topic, other times it is just a chat between Rogan and his guest. Guests are a constant mix of politicians, scientists, actors, celebrities and unknowns with something to say. There are conspiracy theorists, believers and non-believers on every topic from aliens to global warming, legalising recreational drugs to the war in Ukraine. Guests are usually interesting and often controversial. Rogan is a master at getting his guests to relax and open up, just as they would with a mate over a beer.
Elon Musk Joe Rogan
Episodes with the likes of Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson have provided the listeners with a real insight to their lives and personalities. However, the most popular episodes are when Rogan enjoys a joint, cigar and scotch with his comedian mates. An episode can last three hours, and it is reported that each episode has 11 million listeners from all over the globe.

There is a podcast for every topic. So how do you listen to a podcast? You need two things – internet and a computer, smartphone or tablet. If you are reading this, you must have internet and a device. On your computer you can google “sport podcast” or “true crime podcast” and follow the links. On your phone or tablet best to get a podcast app. You can also listen to podcasts on Spotify. The Joe Rogan Experience is only available on Spotify, a deal reportedly worth US$100m to Rogan. Podcasts are largely free for the listener. The main source of income for a podcaster is advertising. As Netflix changed the way we watch TV, Spotify how we listen to music and Audible how we consume books, podcasts are changing the way we consume audio.
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