Tungsten - Break Tradition

Tungsten - Break Tradition


Why Tungsten

The Rogue Nation team personally select every item we offer to our customers.  Our flagship designer rings epitomise our brand.  Made of tungsten carbide they are tough, reliable and good looking.

There are different grades of tungsten carbide jewellery.  Rogue Nation pieces are made from the highest quality that uses nickel binder, being of superior quality to the cheaper products on the market.  A Rogue Nation ring will retain its shine and be resistant to scratching for a lifetime.  10x harder than 18k gold, tungsten carbide will not bend.  However, if put under enough pressure it will snap – which may save your finger in an accident.  Gold, silver and titanium are more likely to bend and crush your finger under immense pressure, they will also scratch and tarnish over time.

That is the practical reasons to purchase a Rogue Nation ring, lets address vanity.  There are very few people in the world that don’t enjoy looking good.  Looking good makes you feel good, feeling good gives you confidence and there is nothing sexier than confidence.  All our designs make a subtle statement, simple and classic.  Our customers are Aussie blokes who appreciate style not bling.

Our rings are simple and classic for Aussie blokes.  We break tradition choosing tungsten carbide for its affordability, reliability and good looks.

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