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Tommy Muscle Tank

Tommy Muscle Tank

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Limited release muscle tank in honour of powerlifter Tommy Hardy.  Tommy is the 2023 95kg ProRaw 13 Champ & holds the Aussie record for heaviest squat in his weight class.  Most of all Tommy is an awesome human.

There is no secret to Tommy's success, he puts in the work.  Tommy understands there are no shortcuts to success, grind it out, do the work, rinse & repeat.

Wearing this singlet won't jack you, but it may motivate you.  Resistance training has proven to be invaluable for the mind.  We can't stop things from going sideways in life but we can callus our minds to deal with life's inevitable rough patches.

The front is Tommy under load, the back reminds us of the benefits of consistent training "grind for the mind".

100% polyester

Comfortable fit

Light & breathable weight

Wash & wear

Follow Tommy's preparation for next years ProRaw on his socials.  Big shout out to Tommy's team @zero_weakness & @loadedlifting

Tommy is also releasing, in collaboration with Rogue Nation, a designer tungsten ring in matte & polished black AND the Tommy Active, a silicone ring suitable to wear when training - both available September 2023 exclusive to @roguenationau

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